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Have You Heard About The Mayan Train Project?


Have You Heard About The Mayan Train Project?

Here’s what they are saying in Playa del Carmen….

To close the year, the public sector, the private sector, the media and the general public were recently summoned to present the Tren Maya (Mayan Train) project at the City Theater in Playa del Carmen.

The Mayan Train, when completed, will tour through 5 states of southern Mexico:

Yucatan, Chiapas, Quintana Roo, Campeche and Tabasco.

Environmental groups and researchers from UNAM, INAH, Colmex and independent researchers are all saying there will be environmental damage and are requiring that studies be carried out first before moving forward with the Mayan Train project in the south of the country. The argument revolves around the foundational idea that places Mexico within the 12 mega diverse countries in the world and the impact of the construction of the Mayan Train could seriously affect these ecosystems.


On the other hand, the architect Rogelio Jiménez Pons, the next head of FONATUR, argued in Playa del Carmen that this project means development and progress. He ensures that the indigenous groups that live in that area have been consulted and that they have also initiated a dialogue with  environmental professionals to study the feasibility of the project.

“… One thing that is fundamental, we have talked with the environmental groups: the country can not always be a country of conservationism, the country has to grow, it has to generate progress and better conditions for the people …” commented the architect during the presentation of the Mayan Train Project at the City Theater in Playa del Carmen.

The critical part of this project is located in the Calakmul reserve. There are no existing roads to be used, which would imply the clearing of trees for the construction of the roads and all the impact that would imply in the area: pollution, noise, displacement of fauna to another site, etc.

Jiménez Pons commented that there are currently more than 700 thousand hectares and if this project is carried out in Calakmul, the area would end with more than 1000 hectares for the reserve.



 Information about the project:


Hybrid biodiesel locomotive according to the California environmental standard.
1, 525 km of route
• 15 stations
• Medium speed train (maximum 160km / h).


Local passengers • Tourist passengers • Cargo.



Promote the socioeconomic development of the region and local communities

• Encourage social inclusion and job creation

• Promote and safeguard local indigenous cultures

• Protect and rehabilitate Protected Natural Areas in the Peninsula.

• Strengthen the tourist industry in Mexico.

• Support the territorial ordering of the Peninsula.


What is your opinion? What benefit will the population have in the long term?