Caleta Tankah is a hidden gym of a beach club located just a short drive North on Highway 307 out of Tulum. I was completely blown away by the incredible natural beauty of this place. The main attraction is the natural rock cove that creates a calm swimming area of crystal clear cenote and sea water. Even during the sargasso season the cove naturally blocks out the crashing waves that might wash up seaweed or debris on the beach. And even during the busiest days of the high season this magical place has plenty of parking, a hotel, restaurant and even enough space for large events. They have maintained the peaceful and romantic vibe of this place by not overdoing it and keeping things quiet and serene. An amazing swimming hole style cenote is near the beach area just a short walk down one of the green nature trails. This gives you another place to cool off for a swim in the crystal clear, pure water. Caleta Tankah Caleta Tankah may just be the best Tulum beach Club that nobody knows about. It is easy to go right by it since it does not have a big sign and it is not very well known. It is also quite affordable with a low admission price of 150 pesos in January 2019, which includes beach chairs and umbrellas. The restaurant and bar is quite comfortable as well and offers a decent menu of popular favorites and refreshments. I know you will enjoy swimming in the clean, blue water and relaxing in this quiet place. Caleta Tankah is yet another natural, hidden treasure of the Mayan Riviera. Like so many other beautiful, green places with pure swimming water that make owning your own retirement home or investment hot property in Tulum the best choice you could make for you and your family. Caleta Tankah