Playa del Carmen

The Mayan Riviera begins south of Puerto Morelos in Punta Brava and ends in Punta Allen, in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, with a vast biodiversity along approximately 140 km. Today, it has become the favorite No.1 destination in Mexico thanks to its beautiful beaches, archaeological sites, cultural wealth, exotic nature and colorful marine life.

Here we leave you 5 activities that you can enjoy being in the Mexican southeast, either on vacation or because you have decided to make the best investment of your life in this paradise that receives with open hugs anyone who wants to enjoy it.

We live in a wonderful and beautiful place where you see it, the possibilities are many to spend days full of happiness and love for life, here we give you 5 recommendations that you can try at any time and that, without a doubt, you will enjoy in the company of your family or friends

1. Visit Archaeological Ruins

Along the Yucatan peninsula are more than 100 settlements of the ancient Mayan civilization and where the tickets are so affordable that if you set your mind, just a matter of hours away by car you can visit numerous settlements of this mysterious and imposing civilization. Kohunlich, Xaman-Ha, Cobá, Uxmal, Palenque and El Tajín are just some examples of these wonderful vestiges that will leave you surprised.



2. Snorkeling and diving

In all the cities and towns along the Riviera Maya you can find snorkeling and diving tours. If you like to swim, do not miss the opportunity to practice the many options of water activities that are as popular here as snorkeling in cenotes and reefs. Cave diving is one of the favorites of visitors from all over the world who come to know the natural wealth of the area. Remember to follow ALL the precautions and regulations that help us preserve and take care of the ecosystem of the area such as using biodegradable sunscreen, not touching marine life or underwater formations, among many others. Learn and venture to live an unforgettable experience underwater!


3. Visit local beaches

No matter where you are, along the coast you can find public beaches with unparalleled beauty of turquoise waters and white sand and enjoy a paradise on earth. Paamul, Chemuyil, Xcalacoco, Playa Paraíso and Solimán are some examples of these beautiful Caribbean beaches where you can enjoy activities such as fishing, camping and water sports. They are, without a doubt, one of the options that you must take into account to know for its natural beauty.

4. Local gastronomy

The cultural diversity that you can find in most of the cities of the Riviera has generated an impact on the local gastronomy and that can be appreciated in the thousands of restaurants with fusion and gastronomic offers that are simply delicious, without forgetting the typical food of the region that continues to fascinate everyone who tries them. If there is something you should invest time and money in is to explore every corner of the streets because you never know when you can find one of the many gold mines of the local cuisine that will make you return without hesitation.

5. Cultural festivals

Throughout the year you can enjoy varied festivals of music, food, movies, typical products and crafts; like the jazz festival that is normally held at the end of November, the festival of Oaxacan products and crafts, the Beach Soccer World Cup and the Riviera Maya Film Festival, shows that you can enjoy throughout the year in various locations that will soak you with culture and enchant you with its diversity.


Live the Riviera Maya to the fullest!