Decorate Your New Condo In Tulum


Interior Decorating In Tulum



Wotoch offers a comprehensive interior design service to your new home in Tulum.

The architect Elizabeth Carrillo created this company more than a year and a half ago, arising from the need for attention in the decoration and equipment service for condos in the Riviera Maya.

Wotoch means “Casa Bonita” in Mayan language.


This home decor specialist recognizes the needs and combines them with the personal tastes of the owner, making a property with all the amenities of a hotel, but adding the energy of a home, making a perfect balance between the owner and the guests of holiday rentals.

MyWotoch.mx, offers a comprehensive service covering needs of hotel equipment (if it is for vacation rental), furnished and decorated. They can help you with interior design, make color proposals, search for paintings, pots, mats, acquisition and installation of televisions, microwaves, washing centers, toasters and whatever you want to add to your new home. All of the highest quality.




Tulum is a meeting of cultural identities, which should be reflected in each of the rooms in your apartment or condo. Through minimalism, Mayan stone, marías, exotic details such as chucum (natural fiber paste) and Bejuco lamps, Wotoch animates the eclectic ambience of this magical town.

Wotoch, in addition to materializing the dreams of the people, works hand in hand with artisans from the Mayan region of the state of Quintana Roo, who elaborate a large part of the decoration objects, generating an energy that is transmitted when the interior decorating of your home is finished.

It is important to highlight that they work only with certified woods, promoting the responsible management of forest and jungle logging.

Wotoch has an estimated delivery time of one month, so you can forget the hassle of decorating and unforeseen changes in details. Get your fully equipped and furnished apartment or condo ready to live the magic with Wotoch and enjoy your new home in Tulum.



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