Sustainable Developments in the Riviera Maya


When we talk about sustainability we refer to the process that aims to find the balance between the environment and the use of natural resources.

It’s about achieving sustained economic prosperity over time while protecting the natural systems of the planet and providing a high quality of life for people.




The future of the world may be compromised by climate change, which causes a decrease in the quality of life of its inhabitants. In this sense, some construction companies are concerned about the care of the environment, pursuing year after year new strategies to improve this situation. Nowadays, with the use of new technologies and with the elaboration of agreements, the aim is to generate sustainable real estate projects.

Some of these sustainable projects are located in the Riviera Maya, a prosperous place surrounded by jungle, in which real estate developers look for a balance between the environment and the impact of the use of natural resources. Here we present 4 examples:


A place in Tulum where magic comes alive to connect with nature while enjoying a condominium immersed in this amazing city. It has solar panels, wind generators, use of rainwater, purified water generator, bio-digesters for wastewater, innovative system of saving water in the shower.




A sustainable project that has taken as a source of inspiration the magic nature of Tulum and its surroundings.

Its eco friendly amenities are its solar panels and treatment plant for wastewater.




With the concept of Boho Chic, this development will have bars, restaurants, boutiques, and an Art Walk that applies eco-techniques that seek to reduce the environmental impact and respect the nature of the area to the maximum. A work directed by specialized architects.

departamentos en venta en tulum

Central Park Lagunas

This project located in Tulum has 60% of its land as green areas in subtle harmony with automated units with the highest technology available in the market. Everything works with the solar panel system, besides having vertical turbines, the largest solar system in the Riviera Maya and a reverse osmosis system.