The Magic Town of Tulum is known for its jungle, its beautiful and paradise beaches, as well as for being full of ancestral culture.

The ancient Mayan settlers were great architects and astronomers, creating constructions that were aligned with eclipses, solstices and other stellar events.




The highlight of the archaeological site of Tulum is its location. They built their buildings near the cliff overlooking the incredible turquoise sea of ​​the Mexican Caribbean, which leaves the mouth open to tourists when they reach these ruins.

The Archaeological Zone of Tulum is located 1 hour and a half from the Cancun International Airport (115 km south of the airport).

When you get to the entrance you can feel the incredible energy of the site.

El Castillo, the tallest building in Tulum preserves a temple with ornate entrances, in front of this base there is a platform that was used for dances.

The wall delimits the main group to the north, south and west, while the east side points towards the Caribbean Sea. This building has five accesses and two watchtowers.

The temple of the God Descendant, the main road, the Temple of the Fresnos, the House of the Columns, the House of the Halach Uinik, the House of the Cenote and the Temple of the God of the Wind: Kukulcán, and other Mayan constructions that you will observe.

Witness the foundations that constitute one of the most important vestiges of Mayan history.

Visit the archaeological site of Tulum and share your story!