Beach Cleanup In The Riviera Maya


Playa del Carmen is home to many people who have come from different parts of Mexico and the rest of the world.

Evidently the Caribbean Sea is the main reason why tourists come to vacation in this area of ​​the Riviera Maya, which brings some environmental problems, such as garbage on the beaches.

Environmental education has been a barrier to preserve our beaches free of polluting waste, although campaigns have been implemented, people do not know – or ignore – the great impact that causes leaving from a cigarette butt, to a bottle or plastic bag on the beach.



Thinking about this, Kay Honig, originally from Germany, and Karla Munguia from Mexico City, decided in 2018 to start the Beach Cleanup campaign, calling on the Caribbean community to meet twice a month and collect as much as possible of the garbage that visitors and tenants “forget” near the beaches and mangroves of our coast.

During this year, they managed to carry out 22 cleanups of beaches (two of these in Cancun). Fortunately month after month more people joined this cause in which dozens of volunteers gathered glasses of beer bottles, PET plastic, aluminum cans and cigarette butts, mainly.

These movements, in Playa del Carmen and Cancun, capture the attention of companies, such as Warner Bros and 4ocean, who organized a massive cleanup in Playa Delfines, a public area in Cancun. Achieving the largest garbage collection registered in this paradise called the Riviera Maya.



This is a wake-up call to the entire population to become aware of what surrounds us, to recognize the importance and care of resources, to control our consumption habits, to collect garbage when you visit beaches and cenotes, not to use sand as an ashtray and take general actions that favor the care of our planet.


Do you want to be part of the beach cleanup? Here you can find the next events to prevent pollution and waste from reaching the sea:


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