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Can you get a mortgage for a property in the Riviera Maya?

Time to talk about Real Estate Financing.

OK, so one of your goals is to acquire a house in the Riviera Maya, but maybe you don’t have all the cash for the total value of the property. Can you still get a mortgage?



The answer is YES! You can get a mortgage loan that allows you to acquire a property according to your needs and profile.

There are different ways to obtain it, it can be directly with a bank, financial institutions or with mortgage brokers.

This time we will talk about the mortgage broker. This choice has the advantage of showing you the range of financial options, as well as the policies of different banks.

It is important to meet certain criteria to start your process, such as you must:

  1. Be at least 21 years of age.
  2. Have a credit history in Mexico.
  3. Not be a debtor in the credit bureau.
  4. Have verifiable income.
  5.  Among others.

The great thing about working with a broker is that it helps you to know your ability to pay and know your maximum monthly payment to avoid falling into to much debt.

By acquiring the services of a mortgage professional, he or she can orient you with the financing procedure for your property in the Riviera Maya.

It can be acquisition of housing, land, construction, completion or remodeling, REFI your mortgage, SME credit, trust, pre-sale acquisition, liquidity and notary services.


A mortgage broker can give you useful advice, help with the document process, follow-up with the process and more.

Mortgage Brokers also have the necessary experience so that your mortgage adapts to your ability to pay.

Would you be interested in the service of a mortgage broker?

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