Xavage: New adventure park in Cancun.


In April 2019, Xavage (pronounced Savage) opened its doors to the public. Offering a new alternative of recreation and adventure in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

This site belongs to the Xcaret Group, recognized for quality among national and international tourists for its services in the Riviera Maya.

Xavage is located on the highway Cancun-Puerto Morelos, Km 307 Mza. 01 Lot 01-02. Only 8 minutes from the Cancun International Airport.


The theme of this park is bold and wild. With water, land and air activities, The parks fun and exciting activities are each named after animals.



You can perform up to 7 challenges such as:

  • Tour a lagoon in a kayak. (Crocodile).
  • Climb a boat that advances to 85 km / h, making turns of 180 and 360 degrees. (Dragon-fly)
  • Dominate -in a raft- with the current of a river, in category 3 rapids (Barracuda).
  • Crossing a circuit of ropes suspended in the air (ranging from 8 to 38 meters in height). A challenge that involves strength, balance and coordination to avoid all obstacles. (Monkey).
  • Drive a Monster car through huge obstacles, high slopes and puddles of mud. (Cougar).
  • Flying on a zip line 20 meters high, at a maximum speed of 29 km / h. (Hawk).
  • Refresh in the fountains and swimming area. An aquatic activity for children, where the kids can get on the slides and bridges. (Snake).


The use of a helmet and harness is mandatory when doing activities in Xavage.

It is not recommended to perform the challenges if you have epilepsy, asthma, hypertension, diabetes, if you have neck or back problems, recent surgeries, heart problems or pregnancy.

In addition, you can taste the diverse gastronomy in the buffet or in the snack restaurant.

Xavage Park has a good infrastructure: security equipment for all activities, toilets, changing rooms, showers, lockers, free parking. Services such as Wi-Fi, ATM and shops.

If your personality is adventurous and intrepid, this park is good for you.

Ready to be the boldest in Xavage’s activities?