Actions in favor of the environment


Playa del Carmen is an international tourist destination. Every year, thousands of people visit these Mayan lands to relax for a while and get to know the beaches, the cenotes, archaeological zones, jungles and other places of interest in the region.

Jungle Realtor is a 100% Mexican company committed to the environment and seeks to generate low environmental impact to conserve and preserve ecosystems in the Riviera Maya.

In enjoying what Mother Earth provides for recreation, we must find a perfect balance between the environment and the use of natural resources.

Knowing that many of the natural resources we have in the Riviera Maya are not renewable, the citizens of Playa del Carmen, have given themselves the task of organizing to carry out beach cleaning, reforestation campaigns, product creation based on organic waste, among other actions that give a positive impact to our tourist destination, the seas and of course, the planet.

For example, on July 6, the Mountain of Shame was held, an event that brought together locals and national and international tourists concerned about the environment, to make a hill with cigarette butts that they collected for 5 months.

The incredible result was that an amount of 158,950.77 cigarette butts or almost 48 kilos of this toxic element was collected.



Why is this significant?

A cigarette butt contaminates 8 liters of salt water and 50 liters of fresh water.

This means that with this Mountain it was prevented that 1,271,606.16 liters of salt water were contaminated by these toxic butts and that 7,947,538.5 liters of fresh water were not contaminated as well.

All these butts were lifted from beaches and streets of Playa del Carmen with the purpose of asking smokers to please not throw the butts, to change their consumption habits.

It was an effort of children, young people, parents who during their free time dedicated themselves to raising cigarette butts from the streets and beaches.

These cigarette butts will be taken to Verde Halago, a Mexican company, which will be in charge of treating them to eliminate all toxic waste, turning them into biodegradable pots, and thus minimizing the environmental impact.

Just like this one, we must carry out more actions to achieve a sustainable future.




Note: With Information from Conservationist Karla Munguía Colmenero and photos by  Be Social Education.