Why should I register my property in the Riviera Maya?


If you acquired a property in the Riviera Maya, you are probably interested in this:

The Public Property Registry is a very useful tool, as it provides legal certainty to interested persons. If it did not exist, a property would live in a state of legal uncertainty in regards to real estate ownership.

You might wonder what is the purpose of a Public Property Registry? Its main objective is to offer publicity of legal acts in order to provide legal certainty to third parties.

Registration was born from the need to bring an account to each property holder. When uncertainty fell on real estate, in such a way that it was impossible to know the real situation, the Registry became a means of providing legal rights of ownership.



What are the benefits of registering my real estate?

It is very important to take your paperwork to the public register, since it gives you an advantage over other people who are not registered (in case of subsequent purchases).

That is, you will be given priority in terms of rights.

Legality: Confirms link between notarial and registry law.

Legitimacy: It grants ownership certainty and legal certainty about the title of the assets and their transfer.

Advertising: Created to give legal certainty to third parties, and publicity to the ownership and possession of all real estate.

Registration Procedure:

It is done by written request or by user appearance with copies of title, plan, construction and sketches.


Having a public record as a backup will make your property less prone to disputes or misunderstandings, since it has legal protection.

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