La Zebra: A beach club that you can’t miss in Tulum.


When thinking about Tulum or the Riviera Maya, the first thing that comes to mind, probably, is the turquoise color of the Caribbean, palm trees and perhaps, a refreshing drink in a beachfront lounge chair.

There are many beach clubs in the Magic Town of Tulum, but today we want to talk about one in particular: La Zebra.

It is located on the Tulum – Bocapaila Km 8.2 road of the Hotel Zone.


What is special about La Zebra?

Well, to start parking. You are not charged an extra fee, with showing your consumption ticket, you are entitled to a place in the parking lot in Zebra.


This site is also a boutique hotel, therefore, when you enter you see the suites and penthouses with a bohemian decoration. Giving a chic touch to the whole place.


La Zebra has a restaurant facing the sea, where you can enjoy authentic Mexican food, tacos, ceviches, lunch, breakfast and dinner. In addition, the rumba is present on Sundays, as there are salsa classes at night and then a group of Cuban salsa begins that moves the guests of the place.

La Zebra beach club has lounge chairs and beds for you to relax in front of the sea while you drink something cold and refreshing like a beer, a pina colada or a mojito. This last drink is prepared with freshly pressed sugar cane.


You can even see the machine and the boys squeezing all the sweetness from the stem. If you go on Saturday between 12 and 5 in the afternoon, it is very likely that you can enjoy the barbecue on the beach, by chef Eleazar Bonilla, where in addition to enjoying the grill, you can relax with live music lounge / techno style from a live DJ. Mulberry project.


From November to July you can enjoy cocktails that represent the flavors of Mexico, highlighting mezcal, tequila and rum and adding mystery and intuition. Where the guests describe the type of drink they would like and then the mixologists prepare the cocktail to suit you.

These are some reasons why we highlight La Zebra among several Tulum beach clubs. But you can find another reason to know why this place is so liked.

Promotions in La Zebra are likely to vary according to the season of the year. *