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The first International Film Festival arrives in Tulum this December.


Tulum is known for  beaches, sun, eco chic and jungle life, but now it will also be part of the seventh art.



This is the first Tulum International Film Festival (FICTU) to be held from December 4th to 8th at different locations in the Magical Town of Tulum. Some of the locations will be Hotel Papaya Playa, the Aldea Zamá complex, as well as a mobile headquarters to bring the cinema closer to the people who might not have a chance to witness any film projection. 



The FICTU will project 25 titles in four sections:

Hemisphere: Where they will screen films that invite the community to reflect on social, cultural and environmental issues. In order to initiate a transformative action.

Horizon Mexico: The tapes of contemporary Mexican filmmakers will be the main ingredient of this section.

Pulsar: Integrated by the most risky films of authors from all over the world.

Sidereal: Where you can see quality commercial premieres for all audiences.

In this first edition, our objective is to give priority to stories of social conscience, Mexican cinema, author cinema and films aimed at the public.

We will have talks, forums and conversations for university students and the general public with the participation of special guests: directors, actors and other film protagonists, which will be announced shortly.



This Tulum International Film Festival will also feature talks, forums and conversations for university students and the general public, with the purpose of creating a community that takes cinema as its starting point.

In addition, FICTU will have the participation of directors, producers, actors, among other prominent film.

All the films that FICTU will screen will be subtitled in Spanish and English and will have 5 tapes in Maya.

The best thing about this festival is that the functions and forums will be free.

Do not miss its inauguration on December 4 at 7:00 pm with a gala and red carpet.

Come experience the best of cinema in Tulum!