cenote riviera maya tulum

In the Riviera Maya there are many cenotes. These underground rivers are attractive thanks to their crystalline, sweet and fresh waters; surrounded mostly by thick jungle.

Thanks to the different species of plants and vegetation that surround the cenotes, these aquifers attract different species of animals, such as reptiles, birds, coatis, among others.

Around Tulum there are many cenotes. Here are 5 cenotes that you have to know in Tulum:

1._ Cenote Dos Ojos. This site is named after the two 70-meter diameter sinks connected by a 400-meter long corridor. It’s awesome!

This cenote is ideal for snorkeling and diving due to the visibility of the water.

Located on Federal Highway 307 Tulum – Playa Del Carmen Km. 244.


cenote riviera maya tulum

cenote riviera maya tulum

Foto: Cenote Dos Ojos

2._ Cenote Manatí or Casa Cenote. It is an open cenote, very close to the coast, so the water is little saltier. An ideal place to explore the red mangrove, dive, snorkel, kayak, paddle board, scuba diving or swimming.

The cost per access varies depending on the activities you wish to perform.


3._ Cenote Casa Tortuga. Within the enclosure there are 4 cenotes: Wisho, Campana, Tres Zapotes and Tortuga. The cost for all is $ 350 pesos including guides and life jackets.

The cenotes are underground, semi-open and open.

Casa Tortuga is located 10 kilometers from the Archaeological Zone of Tulum, and has hosted several musical events in Tulum.


4._ Grand Cenote. An ideal cenote for snorkeling and diving. Also, thanks to its shape, you will be able to appreciate stalactites and stalagmites.

Located 3.5 kilometers from Tulum, on Highway 109 (which goes to Cobá).

The crystalline waters of Grand Cenote will amaze you, as it allows you to see the ground and different fish, without the need for a snorkeling mask.


cenote riviera maya tulum


5._ Cenote Calavera. Get the name thanks to the imagination of divers. Well, inside the cenote, just at noon, the light goes through holes in the roofs that shape two eyes and mouth.

Here you can swim, observe different fish, rest around the cenote and meditate among the Tulum jungle.

Located 2 kilometers from Tulum, on Highway 109 towards Cobá.

Have you visited any? What has been your favorite?


cenote riviera maya tulum

Foto de Instagram: cammiegoodman