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Mayan Ceremony in Tulum to thank the jungle creatures.


Tulum is a place full of energy and mysticism. A magical site that continues to preserve various Mayan traditions. The Mayan Culture has a lot of respect for the tangible and intangible beings of this world and this has been so for decades.

A few weeks ago, we witnessed a Mayan ceremony in Tulum, with the intention of asking permission from the beings of the Mayan jungle to begin the Pure Tulum project and thank the fact of being there enjoying this beautiful area of ​​the Riviera Maya.




Pure Tulum is a new development located in Aldea Zamá, which combines the comforts of a world-class resort, with all the benefits of a residential property.

Its developers – Mirabelli Corporation, like us, have a deep respect for nature, customs and culture. Resulting in sustainable or low environmental impact projects.

What is a Mayan Ceremony?


This ceremony that began between the heat of the humid jungle and the scent of copal, was led by two shamans, who placed cocoa beans, beans, corn and rose petals on the ground as an offering. Each element has a meaning and together it becomes a holistic whole. An extrasensory experience that connects with the spirituality of each person.

In Mayan, the shamans asked permission to start this development that is located in the jungle of the Riviera Maya, as well as to thank for what it gives us.

Adrian Mirabelli, developer of Pure Tulum, also offered words of gratitude for these moments and promised to take care of this part of the jungle, so that the children of our children still have the possibility of knowing the wonders of nature.



Emotional and magical, was how the ceremony ended. Giving us a new respite and great feeling of gratitude.

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Por: Lorena Sánchez Jiménez

Content Curator: Laura Torres.

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