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The real-estate market after COVID-19

The real-estate sector and the construction and real-estate industries will have to adapt their operating, business and marketing models to respond to the “new normal”.

To return to the “new normal”, companies in the real-estate sector must go through four stages:

Solving: This began once the pandemic started around the world, and consisted of companies’ ability to meet the challenges arising from the pandemic in their workforce, clients and partners.

Resisting: short-term challenges had to be addressed, as well as resisting the pandemic through the partial closure of operations and the effects of the economic downturn.


Going back: This is the point we are at now and it is crucial, since industries must develop specific, personalized plans to respond to the most probable scenarios, in order to try to recover the pace at which they were performing previously.

Reimagining: To return successfully to operations, industries will have to reimagine and envisage what the new market conditions will be in order to overcome challenges and adapt their real-estate offerings.

We should also talk about the good side of all this, such as the more than 4.5 million direct and indirect jobs generated nationwide by the real-estate industry and its related activities.

In Mexico, we no longer view the situation in the same way as we did before the pandemic, but the fact that these challenges have arisen merely serve to make us be better, offer greater confidence to investors and, naturally, offer quality real-estate projects.


by: Giovana Glz.