When acquiring a home to live in or as an investment, one of the most important factors you should consider is its market value and future capital gains.


What are capital gains?

They are key indicators in the real-estate sector that help determine how much the value of a property increases or decreases throughout the year.
When investing, a cost-benefit relationship is always sought, i.e., that the price paid is fair in terms of the quality, amenities, taste, services, needs, etc. of a property.

It is essential to take cost-benefit into account to know whether the purchase has the potential to become a liquid investment, because if in the future there are plans to sell it, the best moment can be recognized.

Attributes that help capital gain:
1. Location: review the area where the house is located to ascertain whether prices are rising or falling.
2. New property: this ensures that it has the latest amenities and that it has been built following the most recent codes, norms and regulations.
3. Market demand: this factor is driven by new public-works investment in points of interest that enhance the area, such as cafeterias, squares, parks, shopping centers, etc.
4. Residents: those who have a similar sociodemographic profile.

To have greater certainty of the capital gain of a property, it is always advisable to consult with our real estate advisers: they will be able to provide a clearer picture, as well as the locations of interest, since they know the market, trends, prices, among other aspects to help you make the best decision for the purchase of a property.

by: Giovana Glz