Sleep in nests in the middle of the Tulum jungle

Cocoon Hotel & Resort in Tulum: the new ecotourism project in the heart of the Tulum jungle.

The architectural firm DNA Barcelona Architects has revealed the details of its new ecotourism project, inspired by the sea and the jungle, with buildings designed in keeping with “the primordial sensation of nests and the need for protection”. Its unique design is in line with the environment and architecture, with “each cocoon representing of itself the community that meets at the center, where the pools evoke cenotes”.


image © DNA Barcelona Architects

The organization of the cocoons provides maximum visibility of the surrounding landscape, while also emphasizing peace, quiet and privacy. The development will include natural pools, a gym, a kid´s club, a conference facility, bar and restaurant, gardens and outdoor villas, with everything forming a whole to achieve an architecture of biomimicry.


image © DNA Barcelona Architects

Cocoon Hotel & Resort is located in Selvazama, in the middle of the Tulum jungle. It will comprise 3 residential units and 2 buildings in the Cocoon hotel, with 204 apartments and 167 rooms along with 16 private villas.

Cocoon Hotel & Resort will respect the ecosystem and the biodiversity of its surroundings, while using natural materials to minimize the impact of construction and waste generation. In addition to having a water collection system, it will collect rainwater for use in wastewater treatment, and solar panels will be installed to achieve sustainable electricity generation.


image © DNA Barcelona Architects


image © DNA Barcelona Architects

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by: Giovana Glz