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Short-term rentals can be up to 60% more profitable

The different digital platforms for vacation or temporary accommodation have given a new model of short-term rentals, which has greater benefits compared to traditional rentals.

According to data provided by Airbnb, there is a high demand for apartments, homes and / or studios that are located on beaches, magical towns, forests, etc. These areas have registered growth levels of up to 700% in the number of units within the same platform. Likewise, 16% in the daily rate.


The advantages of short-term rentals over fixed ones are that they can have up to a 60% higher profitability and a faster return on investment; On the other hand, the income can have an advance of two to three months since the client pays an amount to secure the reservation; In addition, the owner sets the rate he wants to earn, considering the 3% that platforms such as Airbnb request. Unlike fixed rentals, whose main disadvantage is that people can go more than a month without generating income.


Currently there are more properties in this short-term rental modality, since there is a wide variety of places to choose from as a consumer and as an owner to choose the best platform when it comes to generating income.
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by: Giovana Glz