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Investing in lots is a wise decision

A field that provides excellent returns both in terms of personal growth and your financial portfolio is the real estate sector, be it a house, an apartment, a lot, etc. But if this is your first time venturing into this area, we recommend you start by investing in a lot. Here are some tips and the benefits of making a sound purchase.

A lot is a piece of land that has a lower purchasing cost and is located in an area with a lot of potential, so regardless of whether you decide to build your house there or sell the lot later on, you will be able to derive greater profit from it thanks to the capital gain in the area.


House in green field

How do I choose a plot of land?
We must take several factors into account, the first and one of the most important being capital. In this regard you must take into consideration the amount of capital you want to start with, followed by the amount with which you want to work.

Another very important consideration is the location. Distance from other places plays an important role here, as the farther our lot is from urbanization, the cheaper it will be, but at the same time the surplus value it accrues will be slower. We should point out that the closer it is to an urbanized location, the more it will be worth due to the growth of nearby surroundings.

Finally, you should also consider the design and size of your building project: this is the fun part and should excite you, given that it’s also part of your life project and your future!

Capital Returns

  • Capital gains grow exponentially, depending a lot on location.
  • You need less capital to invest in a lot as opposed to a property that is already built, and subsequent construction will increase the value of your land.
  • Your capital remains safe, since it is an investment in your future and provides benefits for the term you want.
  • Lots located within developments provide added security for you and your family.
  • Developments also often include a wide range of communal amenities.
  • You don’t need a mortgage or a bank loan to purchase the lot.
  • You have the freedom to sell whenever you want and the sale value of your plot will always be higher than your purchase price.
  • Your design is in keeping with your tastes and ideas, so you can let your creativity flourish!

There can be no doubt that investing in a lot is a wise decision for your future and that of yourloved ones, given the benefits it provides you. Contact us to launch a new, secure stage in your life and enjoy its fruits!