Kaan Luum will surprise you with its multichromatic shades of blue and green. This lagoon is a 12-kilometer or 20-minute drive from Tulum, or one hour from Playa del Carmen.

On entering the jungle, your first sight of the lagoon is likely to take your breath away due to the limpid hues of its waters. If you feel like swimming, the lagoon is not deep and the bottom is sandy and easy to walk on. If you’re not feeling energetic, you can just relax in the hammock area and take in the views while enjoying a coconut. Another possibility is to rent a paddleboard and explore the lagoon.

If you like taking photographs, Kaan Luum is full of stunning natural backdrops, from its well-known swings in the water to the jetty that extends well into the lagoon and lends itself to Instagram selfies.

If you enjoy beauty treatments, treat yourself to a Mayan bath with the mineral-rich sand of the lagoon, which helps to exfoliate your skin, leaving it soft and smooth. And don’t forget to visit the vantage point from which you can gaze into the depths of the great cenote, which is off-limits to swimmers and reserved only for properly-equipped divers.



On visiting this lagoon, you must not use sunscreen lotions or creams, since they pollute the water and damage the delicate ecosystem. Since Kaan Luum is a protected reserve, smoking is forbidden, as are alcoholic beverages and the use of music speakers. Please understand the importance of taking care of these unique natural wonders.