This year is coming to a close and the Riviera Maya is starting to liven up with the most important events of the year, particularly the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival –considered to be one of the 10 best worldwide—whose headline events will be taking place from November 25 to 27 as part of this year’s 19th edition. Residents and visitors alike travel to the area to take in an evening of jazz with the sea and gorgeous Fall skies as a backdrop in Playa del Carmen. The Festival was initially launched as a means of attracting visitors to Playa del Carmen for them to get to know the area’ s natural and culinary delights while also enjoying some fine jazz bands.

Thanks to the success of the Festival in previous years, this year the municipality of Solidaridad was chosen for the third consecutive time to host the Festival by Mexico’s Ministry of Culture and will also feature numerous fringe events, including 58 music performances, educational concerts, lectures and conferences.
True to its essence, the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival will be offering jazz performances for all tastes and ages while also promoting culture and a love of music among the Playa community through local musicians.

Playa del Carmen residents will thus be able, from November 4 to 21, to listen to performances by local jazz bands at various municipal venues such as Parque Fundadores, Plaza 28 de Julio, the Escuela Municipal de Iniciación Artística in the Colonia Bellavista neighborhood, the Playa del Carmen Cultural Center and the Teatro de la Ciudad.

For further information and to keep abreast of events, you can visit the  Instituto Municipal de la Cultura y las Artes de Solidaridad on Facebook:

Furthermore, jazz lovers and Playa’s artistic community in general will have numerous educational concerts, lectures and conferences to choose from, both live and online, given by well-known artists such as Iraida Noriega, Sara Valenzuela, Rosino Serrano, Salvador Castañeda, Edgar Burciaga, and Icho Ván, among others.

A mobile app will be launched for the local community and visitors to browse the program of performances and events both for the 2021 Jazz Festival and for its fringe events.
The fringe events of the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival have been made possible by the good offices of the Solidaridad municipal government through the Instituto Municipal de la Cultura y las Artes de Solidaridad, which in 2019 facilitated performances by local bands and groups in the municipalities’ schools and public spaces, whereas in 2020 due to the pandemic fringe events were held in a combination of social media platforms and in public spaces with social distancing protocols. 

This year all prevention and social distancing protocols will remain in place and live events will be for limited audiences but also broadcast on social media to ensure health prevention measures are strictly followed.

Will you be going to the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival this year?

We definitely are, it promises to be an unprecedented festival and it’s all free! Come and join us, everyone is welcome!

Download the free Riviera Maya Jazz Festival app to check out the full program.