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This week I would like to share some healthy activities trending in The Riviera Maya. If you are familiar with Wim Hof or Ice Baths, you will love this. If not, don’t worry, you will discover why this wonderful practice is fantastic for your health. Let´s interview one of the premier yoga teachers in Playa del Carmen, Michael Gannon, better known as ”The Yoga Dealer”.
Michael Gannon spent 10 years in India as a direct student of the late Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois, studying the classical Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga System. After being blessed by his Guru to teach in 2001, Michael has been traveling and teaching around the globe. Long before the boom of social media or online yoga, he had taught in over 50 countries. Eventually his teaching evolved to include his own style of Gannon Power Vinyasa Yoga, breathwork and meditation.

Michael has certificated more than 600 yoga teachers worldwide since the early 2000’s.
In 2011 he launched the first ever Ashtanga Yoga App for iPhone, iPad, or Android.
In 2013, he opened the well-known school “Yogaloft Playa del Carmen” in the heart of The Riviera Maya, México.
In 2018, he published the important book, “Ashtanga Yoga Made Simple, A Practice For All Levels”.

International travelers from around the world have come to train at Yogaloft since 2013.
Open daily from 8:00 to 20:00, Yogaloft is full service yoga school with two yoga shalas with hardwood floors, red brick and glass-block. A full-time reception, cleaning staff, security, parking, a boutique, and a therapy room offering massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic healing treatments.
Schedule includes Ashtanga Vinyasa, Gannon Power Vinyasa, Yin, Basic, and Vinyasa.
They offer festivals like Ashtanga Palooza, Vinyasa Palooza, and Gannon´s teacher trainings 3 times per year.
Michael shares that Yogaloft´s mission statement is, “Celebrate Daily!”
He wants to give people a reason to always celebrate life, connection and health through the experience of deep, powerful practices. Let’s talk about Ice Baths since they have become popularity in Playa del Carmen.
Wim Hof is the Dutch superhuman known as the “Ice man”. He has been guiding people in cold exposure and breathwork for many decades and has became very popular for helping people to transcend and heal with his method.

Wim Hof holds 28 world records. For example, being submerged in ice for almost 2 hours, climbing the Mt. Everest in nothing but a pair of shorts, and running a marathon in the desert with no water.

I interviewed Michael Gannon, founder of Yogaloft Playa del Carmen, since he leads students in Ice Baths for better health and healing. Check it out!

There are so many healing benefits within this practice: Power your immune system, speed up recovery time for athletes, reduce inflammation and autoimmune conditions, support cardiovascular and lymphatic health, reduce anxiety and stress, improve your breathing capacity, drive weight loss, and become more happy. It can also increase alertness, tighten skin and prevent hair lose, increases fertility, reduce stress and relieve depression. There is actually scientific support behind all these different benefits, and there are many more that can be mentioned in a simple sense, I like how ice baths help to build will power so we can transcend our own self perceived limitations!

It really depends of the intention. Could be 15 minutes for athletes 2 or 3 times a week within a specialized program.
However, starting with only 2 or 3 minutes can provide many benefits.

Anyone can experience this practice with a professional guide. There are some restrictions for people that have preexisting conditions around heart diseases or high blood pressure. Check with your doctor first if you have
concerns. ice-bath_yoga_Michael_cuyo_beach
Michael Gannon is offering a retreat for 4 days and 3 nights directly on the beach in El Cuyo, Yucatán, December 2 -5, 2021! He will lead you in a Fire and Ice Weekend of Sweaty Yoga, Powerful Breathwork, Deep Meditations, and
Transformational Ice Baths!
Would you like to join us?
There are limited spaces, so hurry up!
For further information please go to:

YOGALOFT PLAYA DEL CARMEN SCHOOL. info1@yogaloftplaya.com
+52 1 (984) 803-0352
Local 26 al 29 Plaza Pelicanos Calle 10 Norte, MNZ 100, LT 1 Entre Avenida 10 y Avenida 15 Playa del Carmen 77710 Mexico